Best Ways To Fix A Cracked Tablet Screen Like A Pro

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You can easily fix any type of crack, whether it is a corner, spiderweb, or just a hairline crack. In order to repair a broken tablet screen in Houston, you should first consider things like the cost of repair, warranty coverage, and level of damage. To prevent additional damage to the tablet, use a screen protector if the repair is within your control. After that, if you feel comfortable doing repairs yourself, try using baking soda paste and toothpaste as a temporary solution and use scratch repair kits for the actual repair process. If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own, seek immediate assistance from Houston’s best tablet repair experts.

Best Ways To Fix A Cracked Tablet Screen Like A Pro

Before you start learning the ways to solve that shattered display screen, let’s look at some important factors first.

  • Check Your Warranty

Don’t forget about your table’s warranty; you might be able to secure a replacement without spending a single penny on it.

  • Assess The Damage

Not every crack is real damage. If it’s a minor one that does not mess with your tablet’s overall activity, leave it as it is.

  • Weigh The Costs

Sometimes, the repair cost can be much more than expected. So, think about whether or not it is really worth the fix or time for an upgrade.

Various Kinds Of Tablet Screen Cracks

Now, let’s learn about different types of cracked displays to make a better decision about which steps you should take to fix the screen woes.

  • Shattered Screens

This type of crack has the potential to shatter your tablet entirely, and handling it could be hazardous due to the sharp glass fragments.

  • Spiderweb Cracks

On your tablet, it looks like an intricate web of interconnected cracks that matches with a spider web. These could change the touch sensitivity of your tablet screen.

  • Corner Cracks

Corner cracks are in the corner of your tablet’s screen. It might not seem like much at first, but if you leave it untreated, it can grow like wildfire and ruin your screen.

  • Hairline Cracks

These are tiny, hardly noticeable cracks. They might not do anything at first, but if you leave them, they can get worse over time. Trust me.

  • Starburst Cracks

A crack that looks as if a starburst or fireworks display. A rebellious pattern spreads in all directions. 

DIY Magic: Quick Fixes For Pros

Alright, pros! Here are a few tips to repair a cracked tablet screen.

Use Screen Protector 

Think of it as armor for your tablet. A display protector not only minimizes scratches but also acts as a protection against similar chaos. Simple and powerful!

Use Toothpaste & Baking Soda Paste

For those minor scratches, be a DIY wizard. Whip up a non-gel toothpaste or baking soda paste, rub it into the scratches, and give it some time until you decide on the next step. It’s not an everlasting repair, but it works.

Utilize Scratch Repair Kits – The Hero’s Kit

Grab a scratch repair kit; it normally comes with a special solution and a soft cloth. Follow the manual, and you will be the hero your tablet wishes.

When To Call The Pros: Houston Tablet Repair Specialists

If the problem appears too daunting, don’t get angry. Houston has tablet repair experts at Wireless Waves Repair. Their knowledge can turn your tablet from shattered to stellar. Check out their website and get free diagnosis and accessories with every repair service. 

In Conclusion, Prevention Is The Ultimate Power 

When it comes to tablet protection, prevention is key. Invest in a robust tablet cover, invest in a display protector, and handle your tool with utmost love and care. 


  1. How Do You Restore Your Tablet Screen?

To fix the tablet screen, restart the device to clear software program glitches and system defects causing the issue.

  1. Is It Well Worth Fixing A Cracked Tablet Display?

Repairing can save you much cost as compared to buying new. Check the local repair services for estimates.

  1. Can You Restore A Broken Screen Yourself?

If the touchscreen works, you could update the glass yourself for $10-$20. The tools you need during the repair depend on your tablet type. Manufacturers may provide free replacements if under warranty.

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