Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon

The Pahiyas Festival in the province of Lucban features agricultural products, commercial goods, and spirited rituals. It highlights Lucban longganisa sausages and the spirited tradition of ‘Kalas,’ which translates to ‘to romp away decorations’. Today, it is one of the most popular festivals in the Philippines, attracting tourists and locals alike.

Lucban’s San Isidro Pahiyas festival

Lucban, Quezon, celebrates the annual Pahiyas festival, a colorful festival celebrating the bounty of the region’s agricultural products. Founded before Spanish colonization, the festival is an annual event dedicated to Saint Isidro Labrador, which is venerated by farmers as a patron saint of the town. The festival’s celebration features colorful “kiping” (carabao races), a dance concert, and agricultural fairs.

The highlight of the festival is a procession of ‘Kalas’ (house decorations). The festival attracts a huge crowd of people as farmers show off their agricultural produce. The farmers’ offerings include radish, pepper, rice, and longganisa sausage. “Arangya,” a colorful decoration of fruits and vegetables, are also popular items for sale.

Visitors can also try the local sausage, pilipit, and pancit habhab. Visitors can also hike the 305 steps up and down Kamay ni Hesus, a popular tourist destination. Lucban is known as the fiesta capital of the world. Lucban’s San Isidro Pahiyas festival takes place every year in September.


The Philippines celebrates the Pahiyas Festival, a harvest festival. The festival is a form of thanksgiving to the god San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. The festival is a colorful and fun community event, bringing together citizens from all over the country to celebrate the harvest. Traditions of pahiyas festival are deeply rooted in the country’s traditional thanksgiving practices.

Kiping is an edible leaf-like decoration made from ground rice, water, and sugar. It can be strung into various shapes, including flowers and butterflies. Some houses even shape them into dovetail leaves and green vegetables. Kiping is also eaten during the fiesta, which takes place early in the morning. However, you have to be careful not to consume too much of it! It’s best to avoid consuming too much during the celebration, though.

Pahiyas festival is a harvest celebration in Lucban, Quezon, honoring the patron saint of farmers. This festival is celebrated every May 15th, and the celebration includes decorating homes with fruits, vegetables, and colorful rice wafers to symbolize the abundance of the harvest. This tradition became so popular that it is now celebrated in many towns and provinces across the country. The festival also serves as a time to promote local culture and heritage.


The word Pahiyas comes from the Filipino word payas, which means to decorate. Traditionally, Lucbanins would decorate their houses with kiping, which are delicate leaf-shaped pieces of paper that have a texture similar to wafers. The leaves are then coated with colorful rice paste and dried to prepare them for consumption during the pahiyas festival. During the festival, these kipings are distributed as free treats to visitors.

Pahiyas festival is a celebration of a plentiful harvest, which is dedicated to the patron saint of farmers. The festival was originally a simple thanksgiving celebration, but later became more elaborate, with artists assembling an exhibit of their own. Today, people all over the Philippines take part in the Pahiyas Festival, enjoying the food and festivities. It is a unique opportunity for Filipinos to celebrate their own culture and to eat the food of others.

Places to eat

If you’re looking for food in the Philippines, Pahiyas Festival is the place to be. This colorful celebration takes place in the summer months, and you won’t be able to miss it. Not only are the food stalls delicious, but you can also enjoy the festival’s lively atmosphere and mingling among locals and tourists. Here are a few places to eat during Pahiyas Festival:

If you’re planning to go to Lucban for Pahiyas Festival, make sure you try their famous pancit habhab. It’s definitely one of the country’s best pasalubong. Other local delicacies to try here include longganisa, which is a delicious pork dish. Kiping is another must-try in Lucban during the festival – these are edible decorations that are hung on houses and are sold in most of the town’s stalls.

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