What You Need to Know About Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis examines and represents the sentiment, or attitude, of a piece of text. By examining the text and comparing it to a database, the software can determine how positive, negative or neutral that text is. Sentiment analysis software often works by using natural language processing. The program can recognize specific keywords to extract sentiment from a text. Sentiment analysis software often uses different methods for different purposes; some texts may be analyzed with linguistic methods while others might be analyzed with statistical methods.

Types of Data Companies or Brands Should Collect

Data collection is essential in understanding social media campaigns’ impact. Collecting the correct data is critical to ensure that you are reaching the right audience and delivering the best return on investment. Two specific types of data companies should collect when using a social media campaign are: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data refers to customers’ comments, sentiments, or conversations regarding your brand or product.

Social Media Comments

Social media comments refer to any text comments made about your brand by customers on any social media sites you use. These can provide valuable insight into how the public feels about your company and products.

Customer Review

Customer reviews are a great way to collect quantitative data on social media sites as they tell you customers’ impressions of your brand. A review indicates how much someone thinks they would recommend your brand.


Surveys are one of the most important types of data that companies should collect. This is because it allows you to develop customer feedback into quantitative data. For example, if you want to know why customers stopped taking your product, then a customer satisfaction survey will help you understand the problem and actions.

News Articles and Videos

News stories and videos from different sources can also be important data to collect. For example, if you are using social media to promote a new product, you could use news articles and videos from news sites to increase your company’s name exposure.

Employee Interaction Data

Employee interaction data is also the name of any data collected from your company employees. This can include employee surveys, feedback forms, or even tweets and blog posts made by employees. Collecting this data is essential because it helps validate the quantitative and qualitative data collected by other sources.


Podcasts are another type of data that companies can collect. Podcasts are audio files created by people who discuss their experiences about a specific topic. They typically include interviews and tips on a certain topic. To collect this data, you can use various software tools.

Gaming Video Platforms

Gaming Video Platforms can be a great way to collect data on social media channels. They are video channels that contain videos produced by game developers of their games. The videos highlight the games, provide tips on how to play, and contain other information such as images. It is similar to a television ad as it shows off products or services and provides content for viewers.

Customer Service Support Logs

It is similar to employee interaction data. Support logs data is any text collected from customers who contact customer service. This can include the service they need and their response. It’s an essential type of data to collect because it helps you understand your company’s level of customer service.

In conclusion, social media marketing is a great way to boost your brand, and it is important to have the right data to understand your campaign. It would help if you always worked with a reputable social media agency so you can get help with monitoring the success of your campaign and working with other agencies on it

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