Amazing Things You Can Do with AWS Marketplace 

This marketplace was launched in 2012, and it aimed to help vendors simplify the use of Amazon Machine Images that they can launch through Amazon EC2. More vendors were interested in this service and started using the AWS marketplace as time passed. To get this solution’s full service and support, you need to find an AWS consulting partner in India.  

Indian businesses have come a long way, and one of the fastest-growing enterprises is pharmaceuticals. The total revenue of this sector in the financial years 2020 was $55 million. Other sectors that are still thriving in the pandemic are digital marketing, Online food services, retail, etc.  

The things you can do with the AWS marketplace are many, such as: 

Get fully-developed ML models 

This one is the most liked product in the AWS marketplace—vendors can buy fully developed pre-trained machine learning models. These models will be scanned for security checks and are deployed in network isolated mode. Hence you can assure your processing is safe and the data is under control. 

These models can be updated regularly, and the AWS consulting partner in India will offer all the latest learning tools—and ensure that you always have the latest information. And when you also have a flexible billing model, they offer several tools to jumpstart your ML work. 

Get the datasets 

The AWS marketplace offers around three thousand datasets. AWS Data Exchange provides a unique AWS marketplace ‘data products.’ The data are from various sectors such as healthcare, financial institutes, gaming platform, etc.  

Some data will be free for everyone, and some will cost you a specific price. When you subscribe to this service of Amazon, the data is delivered to you, and you can use all excellent AWS data tools to visualize and process the data. 

More negotiating power  

The products in the AWS marketplace will indicate the current cost and pricing model. When someone is buying the product and don’t want to pay the listed price, they can look for a private offer. What is a private offer? When you buy in high volume or your need is unique, the AWS marketplace will give you a “Private Offer” feature. 

This feature will let you negotiate custom terms with the vendor. The vendor can send the custom contract link that allows you to buy the publicly available/listed product on your terms. 

Get SaaS subscriptions 

The AWS account is where you can feel the AWS environment. When you have the Software as a Service feature, it will simplify the bills/invoice and related services.  

For some firms, this is the easiest way to do business, and it also eliminates the need for physical infrastructure. SaaS also reduces so many hoops one has to jump to sell a product in the marketplace. 

What’s next for the AWS marketplace? 

This platform has grown a lot since its launch. Both features and services have been developed to assist the vendors in selling more on a large scale. Many overlooked the marketplace, but today, it has a massive impact on how everyone buys solutions in the cloud.  

The recent survey shows around 19,000+ e-commerce companies in India, and the number is expected to grow. And there are about 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites globally, which is also a competition for the Indian vendors. It is estimated that the eCommerce market in the country will reach Rs. 1,07,800 crores ($24 billion) by the year 2015. 

An AWS consulting partner in India is what you need to subscribe to this service and subscribe for the solution. Vendors are switching from the traditional billing models to subscription and consumption-based pricing, which is enabled by the marketplace and driven by the demand of its users. 

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