The What and How of Meditation Class   for Anxiety and Stress Reduction

When the pandemic hit the world, life went under lockdown. This triggered frustration that leads to stress, anxiety, and other issues. You might have understood the consequences as well. Moving on, how the people around are judging you, the hassle in work, expectations, and your slow pick-up pace can be other add-ons. Stress and anxiety, if not taken care of in time, can cause drastic effects. 

To cure this, meditation is a prevailing solution. It has become a popular practice among the masses from all walks of life. A guided meditation course online helps in reducing stress and overcoming anxiety by simple practices. You can use meditation as a task in your routine. Also, it is the barrier between you and your harmful emotionalities. There are assorted types of meditation that help you progress. 

What are the Different Types of Meditation for Emotional Intelligence?

A meditation course for beginners is the starting point to a healthy emotional life. Meditation prevents stress and anxiety from causing long-term effects. It helps you restore your inner peace while relaxing your body and mind. Meditation is inexpensive and not restricted to a particular place. You can exercise it anywhere anytime. Mediation has multiple types to help you transform yourself. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps you establish or improve your growth mindset. Just simply settle yourself, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Direct your focus to the deep inhales and exhale. The intent of this practice is to boost your concentration by allowing you to focus on the present. Online mindfulness meditation course improves your awareness and teaches you how to identify the thoughts and feelings, accept them and take over before they do. Mindfulness meditation allows you to do all this without passing judgments. The whole process is based on neutral analysis. 

Guided Meditation

Like the rest of the other types, guided meditation involves a teacher that takes you through the right way. In this exercise, your imagination plays the key role, you are asked to either visualize a person, instance, or other objects. It helps you overcome the stress and anxiety, ultimately relaxing your mind. Furthermore, during guided meditation, you can use as many senses as you want, for instance, direct your focus to the sounds of birds, the fragrance of the flowers, or visualize a better world. 


Yoga involves various exercises with different poses. These include corpse pose, child’s, mountain, and many others. Yoga helps in stretching your body and relaxing your mind. The exercise requires high concentration so you will have less time to focus on the negativities. 

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation is unique because like other types, you sit somewhere quiet but recite a mantra that relaxes you. You can pick the mantra yourself or can learn about it in the meditation class for anxiety. Through this, all your attention diverts towards the words you speak and less on the harmful thoughts. Hence, by focusing on the mantra you can achieve and retain your inner peace. Transcendental meditation helps in stress and anxiety reduction. 

Tai Chi

Tai chi, an ancient Chinese tradition, is now a popular practice. You are probably wondering how to exercise this, it’s a piece of cake. Simply perform self-paced postures in which you feel comfortable and your body relaxes. Breathe deep, move slowly and gracefully, and there you have practiced Tai Chi.

How Does the Meditation Course of Beginners Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

You leave for work, attend classes, and go for exercise, groceries, and other tasks. You can not pause any of this but you can put a barrier in way of the negative feelings that may arise. Whenever you encounter stress or anxiety, your brain automatically reacts to it. It may trigger you to shut down or make yourself stand. However, this truly depends on how you perceive a particular scenario and what you do to overcome it. But as per the study, a long-term encounter can bring drastic effects on your physical being. 

To turn all this around, exercise and meditation for stress act as an opposite force. It relaxes your mind and body by reducing stress. Just sit somewhere quiet and exercise any of the above-mentioned types. Relaxation here plays a pivotal role in keeping you calm and upright. As per research, daily meditators experience a vigilant change of response to your stress and anxiety. 

Concluding Remarks

Guided meditation course online and other types, teaches you how to accept your emotions and feelings and in turn overcome them. It allows you to relax and retain inner peace. So much so, it helps you build a long-term resilience power against negative and harmful thoughts. 

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