Yes, the market for a wok. Things to Consider Before You Begin 

In Australia, there actually has been an upsurge in demand for Asian cuisines due to the popularity of various restaurants and television shows such as MasterChef. These chefs are the best in the business because of their flexibility and ability to bring out the best Asian cuisine! A wok, often used in Asian cuisine, has been adopted by those who like making their versions of Asian delicacies at home. 

Asian cuisine is becoming more popular, and many people are eager to cook it at home. If making Asian food at home, you want to do more of it. To get started, here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a wok

The Content 

In many restaurants, carbon steel is the most common material to be used in constructing their utensils. If you don’t plan on using high heat, Teflon is a good alternative since it is easy to clean and does not stick to the pan. Stainless steel is a good option for those who prefer to cook acidic foods on a nonstick pan. You may use them in the kitchen or any other place where you might encounter reactive foods since they’re both lightweight and resistant to reaction. An additional advantage is the fact that it won’t rust. Cast iron is an excellent choice for those who want a more traditional approach to cooking. The only drawback would actually be the amount of time it would take to season and its time to maintain. 


The more people there are actually, the bigger the wok must be to accommodate them all. Two- or three-person households would benefit from a size of 12 inches or less, while more prominent families would benefit from a size of 14 inches or greater

Shape and Take Care of 

Because western stoves were not designed to handle round-bottomed woks, flat-bottomed woks are preferred in western kitchens. A wok-ring may also be used. Flat rings are the most often utilised when it comes to stoves and burners since they are more adaptable. Dedicated burners for this purpose are also available on the Australian market for those who cook Asian food regularly. It’s a good idea to have two metal handles on each side of the pan since it makes it easier to handle the food. Experienced cooks may get away with using just one handle, but those who work with their hands a lot may find it difficult. 

Considerations Not Mentioned 

Despite the potential benefits of kitchen hoods, they are not recommended for those on a limited budget. Aside from keeping unwanted odour and smoke out of your kitchen when you’re cooking, installing them might be beneficial. 


Preparing a wok for use is essential before any cooking activity can begin. Individuals who are first beginning are encouraged to take their time and allow the utensil to get used to the process. Even if it depends on the material and its size, seasoning is always beneficial. It helps prevent corrosion and provide a thin coating of cooking oil to maximise cooking efficiency. Scrub and wash it well before placing it somewhere to dry to eliminate the oil layer at the time of purchase. The oil should be passed through a paper towel after being heated on a cooktop until it emits smoke. A nonstick surface may be achieved because the oil on the utensil’s surface can be broken down. 

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