Is it Easy to get Transportation Business Alternative Funding in Alaska?

Alaska is one of those states that get affected by bad weather during the winter months and transportation businesses are among the worst affected by such situations. Even otherwise, you have huge distances to cover and irrespective of what the weather is like, getting the cargo safely across to the destination is always a worry for you. Then there are times when the demand for certain products is high and business is good but you have to worry – how long will the good time last? On top of all that you have to work your way around overhead expenses and save enough for growing the business. That’s obviously the hardest part but with transportation business funding in Alaska from alternative lenders, you can have your way. 

Unlike most other states in America, freight movement in Alaska is not entirely dependent on trucks. First, it has no land connection with the rest of the country, and then because of its polar location and extremely cold weather, no durable infrastructure is available across large areas of Alaska. The only way to reach these remote locations is by air and partly by snowmobiles during winter. Because of the harsh cold weather, movement is very difficult and vehicle maintenance costs are much higher. In such circumstances, you will need fast and easy business loans in Alaska to stay operational. 

Hassle-free funding is critical for transport businesses 

Running a transport business in Alaska is a major challenge for much of the year because of permafrost. Transport operators who are resilient and have enough experience of operating in that environment, have generally survived and even thrived. However, it would take much more than the love of profits to operate in Alaska. 

The freight charges are good for obvious reasons but you will need a special breed of drivers to operate your trucks in that kind of environment. Airplanes cannot easily fly in the icy and stormy weather of Alaska unless you have experienced pilots to operate your planes. Running short of cash is a common problem here and you often wonder “Is there business funding near me in Alaska?” 

Making use of growth opportunities that come your way 

Winters are the time when the adventurous truckers and airplane pilots look to make some serious money because most folks stay away from Alaska during this period. So, how do you make sure that your transport company is able to take advantage of such an opportunity? For that, you should be prepared with all that it takes to run your trucks, snowmobiles, and planes through the frozen landscape. 

Oftentimes, the trucks pass over frozen lakes and rivers, and many a truck was lost when the ice sheet caved in plunging the trucks into the icy depths of the frozen river or lake. Insurance companies won’t cover that kind of loss and if you lose a truck with the driver and cargo, it becomes a messy affair. Without equipment financing in Alaska, you just won’t be able to operate in that kind of environment. 

Therefore, don’t waste your time looking for funds in the wrong places like traditional lending agencies and banks because they have policies to deny you funding. However, when you approach a reliable company like Alternative Funding Group, your chances of getting the loan increases manifold. Please visit for more information.

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