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Do you drink a lot regularly? Then you are increasing the risk of health complications in the long run. Because alcohol is socially acceptable, people often overlook a person’s drinking behavior until it gets out of hand. Alcohol, in societies, is not usually regarded as a dangerous drink. 

However, the truth is that alcohol abuse destroys hundreds and thousands of families every year globally. 

When the alcohol starts controlling you

While medical researchers are still busy finding out the health benefits of alcohol consumption, moderate drinking is regarded as low-risk by most doctors. The problem arises when you binge drink or drink heavily…and almost every day. 

AA meetings in Massachusetts revolve around people who have no control over their drinking habits. These people want to stop drinking. Alas, they can’t. Alcohol has taken over them. 

Some of you who drink responsibly might be surprised knowing this. But, it’s true. Alcohol, when consumed regularly and heavily, can alter your brain’s functions and increase your tolerance. At the same time, it can create diseases of the liver, kidney, and heart, not to mention mental disorders like depression and personality disorders

So, if you know anybody around you with such a problem, help them. Use the AA meeting locator and find a meeting in your area. Convince them to enroll in such meetings, which can be a game-changer for alcoholics. 

Drinking levels

As per SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

  • Moderate drinking means when a man takes 2 drinks and a woman takes 1 drink in 24 hours
  • Binge drinking means when a man takes 5 drinks and a woman takes 4 drinks within 2 hours. 
  • Heavy drinking means when a man takes 15 drinks and a woman takes 8 drinks within 7 days. 

So what’s “a drink”?

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – defines a drink based on the alcohol content in the particular beverage. For example:

  • A drink of liquor (rum, vodka, whiskey, and other such spirits) means 1.5 ounces that contain 40 percent alcohol
  • A drink of wine means 5 ounces that contain 12 percent alcohol
  • A drink of malt liquor means 8-9 ounces that contain 7 percent alcohol
  • A drink of beer means 12 ounces that contain 5 percent alcohol

The above information can give people an idea of where they stand in terms of alcohol consumption. It can alert you when you go overboard with alcohol. It can also make you aware of your family member’s or friend’s drinking pattern. Are they on the way to addiction? 

If yes, then you must ask them to attend one of the AA meetings in your area. However, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) fellowship is only for alcoholics who desire to quit drinking. Their 12-step program promises to give you a new lease of life. 

In addition, tools like the Sobriety Calculator helps recovering addicts to keep a count of their sober days. This serves as a motivator to continue with their sobriety. 

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